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Zinda will pay more for your Gold and Silver than the highstreet stores.


As Zinda Ltd buys all types of metals, they don’t rely on the profits of Gold and Silver to maintain a healthy business, enabling them to be extremely competitive in the precious metals market.
Watch us weigh and pay for your old gold and silver with instant Cash payments available.


We are confident at Zinda Metals that we can beat any high street Gold shop when buying your gold. Why? Unlike the gold shops, Zinda Metals works with hundreds of different metal types, and do not rely purely on the profits of gold to maintain a healthy business. This gives us the opportunity to be extremely competitive in the Gold & Silver market.

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Test & Weigh

We will also test and weigh your gold with you, so you can be sure of the weight and value before you make your decision to sell.

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Feel free to give us a call on 0115 9301531 or use our QuickText Price check facility, TEXT GOLD to 07903840589 for the latest price.

Gold for Sale

We also have some interesting pieces for sale, so if you’re looking for a certain something, such as a chain, necklace or gold ring, give us a call today.